Dec. 27th, 2010

darkjedijaina: (fandomchainsaw)
I'm working on a new website...

and I'd like to ask for some contributions to get the site going, if you will....

I'm looking for some hot pictures of girls in their full geekdom... dressed up, inked out, etc.

These must be pictures of YOU. No models, unless you are a model and you give consent to use said picture...

And also some hot pics of guys in their full geekdom... same rules apply...

If you'd like to contribute in another manner -

writing an article on cosplay, anime, a movie review, a review of a sexual product.... please feel free to contribute!

No moneys will be paid at this time as this is a test run to get the site up and going...

If, however, things are successful and you want to continue submitting to the site, I'm sure we could work out an arrangement on a freelance basis.

Please email all inquiries and submissions to:

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