Oct. 28th, 2005

today started out horrible. the kids had to dress for halloween at school, and i didn't have enough money to buy them costumes. so ethan dressed as a sherriff. he had a badge and a cowboy-esque hat and plastic handcuffs. and i just put some fairy wings and makeup on liberty. but anyway, it took longer to get them ready and such. and then i couldn't find my keys. guess where i finally found them. in the ignition. yeah. left them in there overnight. well, i took ethan to his school and then liberty to hers and i had just got back home when ethan's school called and they needed me to bring him some pull-ups. SO...i had to leave again. but on the way there i thought...well, i'll just go to the high school and see if i can go visit some teachers while i'm here. and i did. the only teachers left from when i went to school are mrs. mangham (english), mrs. harbers (physics), mrs. bates (civics), mrs. bottoms (home ec) and dr. dunnahoo (art). that makes me feel old. that nearly all of the teachers are gone. lol. anyway, i talked to all of them and i hung out for the longest in dr. d's room. because he was absolutely my favorite teacher ever. we talked about all kinds of things, and it was great. to get to talk to a grown up. and especially someone as intelligent as him. i painted a picture for him while i was there. it was good times. all in all i'd say the day turned out absolutely lovely.

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